Developing in a sustainable manner with a greener impact on the overall environment is a policy that Multan Plastics lives by. Recycling, reusing, and preserving raw materials is how we tend to play our part in exhibiting our commitment to this cause. The term, Sustainability, is not just a catchword for us, instead, it’s a concept that is seen deeply embedded in the production of the entire range of our products. As a business, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by employing practices and technologies that let us have a sound effect on our environment.

To further our commitment, we have made significant investments in altering Multan Plastics’ entire product-line from conventional to biodegradable, making sure our organization is completely aligned with the instructions set forth by the Government of UAE. Moreover, not only do we actively support the recycling and reusing of plastic bags but also the idea to educate people of all ages about the need for sustainability and protection of our shared environment.

In accordance with the instructions set forth by the UAE government, Multan Plastics (MP) introduced its newest biodegradable stretch film, a milestone that looks forward to being SASO certified and is already ESMA approved. We take pride in having become an organization that strictly adheres to the policies outlined by the government, which is why we were among the first ones to have moved to the incorporation of stretch films that were biodegradable.

Though biodegradable stretch films have a shelf life of 6 months, they allow us to provide our customers with the entire range of products that are needed by any industry and be as effective as its non-biodegradable version.

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