With a strong sourcing strategy and a no compromise policy on quality, we at Multan Plastics offer a wide range of packaging products. Right from efficient packaging solutions to biodegradable products to help create an eco-friendly world, we work tirelessly to help our customers find the right products at cost effective prices to meet all their packaging needs.


Our three main lines of products are:

Self Adhesive Tapes

Multan Plastics is particularly proud of its well-renowned brand of tapes, Rainbow®. The eminent quality, holding strength, and wide accessibility makes Rainbow® tapes the first choice for a wide range of commercial and domestic users in the region.

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Stretch Films

Stretch Films is another outperforming item produced at Multan Plastics. With its primary use in palletizing goods, this is a product in high demand by a very wide range of industries. With a biodegradable option, you can be part of our mission to avoid causing unnecessary harm to the environment.

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Plastic Bags

We are a large scale manufacturer and supplier of plastic bags comprising LLDPE, PP, and HDPE varients. All come with the option to customize your own design onto them. Our biodegradable plastic bags have earned widespread appreciation for their sturdiness, lasting protection, and durability.

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LLDPE Cast Stretch Films

Stretch Film is a highly stretchable plastic film made of polyethene (PE) and is used to wrap pallets to ensure efficient and safe transportation and storage. Available in both Hand Roll and Machine Roll.


  • Packaging and unitization of pallets.
  • Protection of goods from mechanical damage during shipping.
  • Wrapping goods to protect them from moisture, dirt, sand and dust


  • Thickness: 17-30 micron
  • Stretch ability: 100% – 350%
  •  Colours: Clear/Black
  • Weight and core: as per customer request.

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