Branding Process2020-09-23T11:12:21+04:00

Looking to make your own brand?

We can assist you in making produce products with your own company name and branding. 

Branding Process

You Can Make Your Own Brand2020-08-24T11:01:11+04:00
  • We can help design your brand as we have for hundreds of our clients 
  • We customize the brand to your needs. Our products are completely customizable which allows you to choose from the quality of the products, to the design and finally the packaging itself.
  • With our focus on delivering quality work, maintaining strong customer relationships and our ethical approach to business practices, we have made our mark in the brand-manufacturing field in the last few years.
What parts of our product can you brand?2020-08-24T12:39:55+04:00
  • You can place it on the packaging of our entire product line
  • The inside core of our tapes can be branded
  • On the outside of the cartons of all our products
How Does The Branding Process Work?2020-08-24T11:05:38+04:00

The branding process is quick, cost-effective and simple:

  1. Clients are required to send the details and specifications such as logo, type of packaging etc to Multan Plastics
  2. We will then provide design ideas for the client’s approval
  3. Once the design is approved, the customization of your brand goes into production
  4. Once the branded final product is ready, it is packaged into the branded cartons and delivered to the customer
For Branding Is there a Minimum Quantity We Need To Order?2020-08-24T11:04:05+04:00

Brand creation does come with a minimum quantity commitment. This is because, in order for us to manufacture the products in your brand, a certain amount of packaging material is required.

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