In addition to many other products that are prepared by Multan Plastics, another outperforming item is the Stretch Films we make. Generally, stretch films have comprehensive and necessary applications when it comes to packaging the pallets and wrapping of the products, a task undertaken by almost all the manufacturing companies regardless of the size of their operations. This is because the goods that are enclosed in stretch films stand a significantly reduced chance of getting damaged.

We understand that our clients belong to varied industries and businesses, consequentially we are highly forthcoming in customizing this product as per their unique requirements, whether that is in terms of size, thickness or the stretching ability of these films.   

Biodegradable Stretch Films

In accordance with the instructions set forth by the UAE government, Multan Plastics (MP) introduced its newest biodegradable stretch film which is ESMA approved. We take pride in having become an organization that strictly adheres to the policies outlined by the government, which is why we were among the first ones to have moved to the incorporation of stretch films that were biodegradable.

Though biodegradable stretch films have a shelf life of 1 year, they allow us to provide our customers with the entire range of products that are needed by any industry and be as effective as its non-biodegradable version.

Our stretch films are used in a variety of industries as it is a product that has applications for almost 80% of the businesses.
Some such examples include:

Food Production Plants

Packaging of pallets

Water Filtration Units

Wrapping the products before they are transported to different areas

Moving and Packing Industry

Guarding different furniture items for protection from getting damaged


Wrapping the luggage before passengers’ board the plane


Protection of products for smooth movement within warehouses

Logistics Organization

For the safe storage of items

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