Commitment to Environment Protection

Conservation of materials that are used in the production of packaging materials at our facility is a concept that we place the highest value at, a commitment that encourages us to recycle everything that goes into the production process at Multan Plastics. Not only do we maintain this policy internally, but make sure we are part of all the initiatives that are taken by the government to support the conservation of the environment. We are also very enthusiastic to stay at the bleeding edge of technology to introduce everything possible to make sure that the only impact we have on our environment is positive. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conducted to evaluate the likely environmental impacts of our production facilities. Multan Plastic was found to have a low-impact on all socio-economic, cultural, and human-health factors. With the results from the EIA report, we further improved our facilities by upgrading every single electrical fixture at our place in an energy-efficient manner, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. You can access the EIA report by clicking here.



Health and Safety

At Multan Plastics, we envision creating a workspace that ensures maximum protection from collisions and injuries for our employees. The Health and Safety of the entire team is a concept found deeply embedded in whatever we do; this dedication is observed by everyone from the president of the company to the newest recruit of our squad. We also use recycled plastic pellets as additive raw materials as well as utilizing chemicals with low toxic levels during the printing process. This practice keeps our waste generation non-hazardous and greatly helps establish a low impact on the environment as our EIA report clearly shows.